The goal of the Highland Baptist Church Family Ministry, which consists of the Pre-School Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and Student Ministry,

is to cultivate a biblical worldview in the lives of our children, equip them to grow in their faith, and partner with parents to better

disciple their children and students in the home.

We believe that raising children is one of the most challenging responsibilities that we have as parents. Our schedules are often full of practices and games and recitals and homework and travel and work and meetings. With so much going on, we can easily fall into the trap of letting other people disciple our children, but we must not forget that responsibility rests on our shoulders as Mom and Dad. With that said, the hope of the Family Ministry at Highland Baptist Church is that each week we can provide simple, easy, and practical ways you can disciple your child. Whether you are at home or in the car, these weekly games, activities, and conversations can be had anywhere. Each week parents can utilize this tool that correlates with their child's Sunday School lesson to have significant spiritual conversations that prayerfully lead their child to a vibrant, life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.


Highland Family Ministry

Child Information Form

To print off our HBC Child Information Form, please click here. If there are any changes to a form that has been already turned in, please contact Pastor Ryan.



Upcoming Events & Activities

Highland has recently decided to reopen our building. At this time the only on-campus activites we are hosting is our morning worship service and our Sunday Night Student small group. For the lastest updates from Highland Baptist, click here.



Summer Activity Guide

Click here to access the Summer Activity Guide resource.


Daily Discipleship Plan For Families

In light of no on-campus, in-person services and activities for your child/student at this time, Pastor Ryan has provided an opportunity for discipleship to occur in the home.


Below you will find links a "Daily Discipleship Plan" for families with both children and students. These are separate plans.


Please note that what has been offered is not required by any means, but only mere suggestions as to how you can disciple your child in coordination with the material that Pastor Ryan will be sharing in each of our Highland At Home services.


Other means of discipleship in your home could include our Faith and Family videos. Visit this page for more information about ways you can initiate discipleship in your home with your entire family. 







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