For any more information regarding the ministries and committees below, or if you are interested in getting more involved

in a particular ministry or committee, please contact the church office.


Preschool / Nursery Ministry

The Nursery/Preschool ministry is primarily during the Sunday School time for children ages birth to 5 years old. Our primary goal in this stage of a child’s life is to cultivate an atmosphere of love and care and fun.


Extended Session Ministry

Extended Session is during the morning worship time where adults come into the nursery and love, care, serve, and play with children ages birth to 3 years old. The current Extended Session schedule has volunteers serving once every eight weeks, with our ultimate goal being to have enough volunteers to serve once a quarter (once every 12 weeks).


Children's Ministry 

The Children’s Ministry at Highland, geared towards children 5 years old up to 6th grade, is designed to utilize multiple avenues to help lead children to Christ and equip them to grow in their faith. This happens through Children’s Sunday School classes, KidzWorship, Children’s Choir and Kingdom Kids.


Preschool & Graded Choir Ministry

The most precious gift we have is our children. Without question, they are the “tender shoots of wheat” in a field where the wind blows hard and assaults on their little lives are constant. Music has an almost supernatural way of teaching and encouraging all people, especially those younger ones among us. CHILDREN’S CHOIRS at Highland are carefully managed to minister to these precious little people at the deepest level. There are two choirs for children at Highland: PRESCHOOL and GRADED choirs. Four and five year olds make up our preschool choir, while children in grades 1-6 constitute the graded choir. These children prepare two musical productions each year, complete with exciting music, drama, costuming and video support. Children do not have to be Highland members to sing in CHILDREN’S CHOIRS. Our outreach to the local community is evident each time the children’s choir bus rolls out of the parking lot. Highland CHILDREN’S CHOIRS are led by the finest and most trustworthy of staff. Their choir teachers are veteran music educators who have worked successfully with children all of their careers. The Bible time supervisor is our Family Ministries Pastor and his staff of workers. So, you see, children who choose to participate in Highland CHILDREN’S CHOIRS are involved weekly in God’s music, His Word, fun activities, and a snack supper to boot!


Student Ministry

Highland’s Student Ministry, which includes 7th-12th graders, is focused on leading students to Christ and helping them grow in their faith as well, by focusing on attempting to build into their life patterns and practices that lead to godliness. This includes Student Sunday School, Small Group, Midweek, and Retreats, Events, and Summer Camps.


Youth Chorus

YOUTH CHORUS at Highland is a brand new endeavor, and one that is already showing signs of successful music ministry in this age group. For students in grades 7-12, this group is already beginning to make music that glorifies God. YOUTH CHORUS meets each Sunday afternoon at 4:30, and Miss June always makes sure that there’s good music and good eats! There are about a dozen students in this group. We are more than excited about the prospects of real ministry through their music.


College Ministry

The intention of our college ministry, though in its infancy stage, is to reach college students with the gospel of Christ, serve them well during this season of life, and allow them to discover and then deploy them to utilize their own gifting for God’s glory in the local church.


Creative Ministry

The Creative Ministry Team was initially established in 2004 while attempting to find exciting and creative ways to conduct backyard vacation Bible school in parks in Southern Mississippi during rebuild and ministry of summer following devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The team was blessed by God and continued to grow in participation and resources. Currently the team is composed of mostly adults and outreach opportunities include events at Highland Baptist Church, local extended care facilities, local schools and daycares, churches in other parts of North Carolina and other states, and an annual Christmas event in the Appalachian Mountains. The team uses puppets, props, drama, blacklight, and choreography to proclaim the message that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Our motto is “H2O” which has the double meaning of Here to Obey and Jesus is the Living Water. Our scripture verse is Matthew 4:19.


Deacon Ministry

The Deacon body of Highland Baptist Church established a purpose statement a few years ago that states that the purpose of the Deacon is: “To glorify God as servants of the church, being obedient to God, through serving with the pastor to minister to the needs of the body of Christ.”

In order to fulfill that purpose, we:

   -established the Sonshine ministry for service to senior members of our church,

   -lead out in prayer for the church and the needs of the body,

   -serve shoulder to shoulder with the pastors of the church,

   -serve meals and lead congregation celebrations,

   -lead in service to members in need in their homes,

   -administer the benevolence fund of the church for members of the church,

   -manage and lead in the security of the church and lock up the church after all services,

   -visit and pray for members in the hospital and in need,

   -prepare and serve the Lord’s supper,

   -support all functions and programing of the church,

   -search for and act on areas of additional needs of the church body


The current needs of this ministry are more eligible men who are willing to minister as servant/leaders of the church. An additional specific need of the Deacon Body are men who are willing to partner with the Deacons in the security needs of the church by patrolling, monitoring, and locking up the church on a weekly rotating basis every two months. Contact any Deacon regarding this ministry or serving as a Deacon of Highland Baptist.


Discipleship Ministry 

The Discipleship Ministry encompasses two different events: Sunday School and Small Groups. Sunday school, while predominately age-graded, is the backbone to our disciple making strategy on Sunday mornings and is focused on biblical education. Small Groups, which typically take place on other nights of the week, could include biblical education, but are more centered around Christian living (i.e. studies on Apologetics, Marriage, Personhood, etc.).


HandyMan Ministry

Since our ministry began in 2006, God has richly blessed it by allowing us the opportunity to build numerous handicap ramps in Catawba County, Caldwell County, and even in Kentucky. He has also allowed us to completely finish the interior of a house for a needy couple in Kentucky, reroof a church in Kentucky, reroof the home of a homebound Highland member, build a porch for a needy couple in Hickory, and tear out and replace complete floors in houses here in Catawba County.


The Handyman Ministry of Highland Baptist Church gives all the praise and glory to God for providing us the resources and skill to accomplish His work here. With His continued blessings, we will work until He calls us home.


Joymakers Ministry

What do the HIGHLAND JOYMAKERS do? It would be more telling to ask what the HIGHLAND JOYMAKERS “don’t” do! This band of senior adults at Highland regularly employs music as their tool of choice in spreading the love of Jesus to people near and far. Since 1993, this unique choir has gathered at 9:30 am on Tuesdays in the choir rehearsal room to practice for their ministry “on the road.” Nursing and rehabilitation centers all around western North Carolina (and beyond) have been the JOYMAKERS’ mission field as they prepare, then carry their musical program to those who need it so desperately. A typical year with the JOYMAKERS involves a couple months of creating and producing a music program to share with others. Then, healthcare facilities are lined up to host this lively troupe on most Tuesdays during the spring and summer months. When autumn arrives and the leaves begin to turn, the JOYMAKERS park the bus, “turning” their attentions toward preparing a special Sunday of Christmas musical worship for the most wonderful time of the year. Fulfillment and joy abound within the JOYMAKERS as they serve the Lord Jesus in a very meaningful way musically.


Living Water Ministry

The Living Water Ministry was begun by believers to help people seek redemptive change that can come out of the difficulties in life’s struggles. Through the lens of a biblical world view, Living Water is able to provide various formats to help people facing difficult seasons they find themselves. The agent in this effort is the Holy Spirit, who avails Himself to every person who comes to God by faith in Jesus Christ, who agrees with God regarding their struggle and brokenness, and who remains steadfast in seeking The Lord’s help to overcome. This ministry is available for individuals, couples, and groups.


Senior Adult Ministry

SENIOR ADULT MINISTRY in the local church should certainly be more substantial than simply “entertaining” the older saints. Yet, many senior groups seem to be satisfied with just that – a “religious social club” of sorts. Believers of all ages are called upon to serve the Lord Jesus and to build up His kingdom. That means being as active as possible in Bible study, prayer, service projects, encouraging others, attending church, and evangelizing... no matter how many birthdays one may have lived through! SENIOR MINISTRY at Highland is careful to avoid the trap of the “comfort zone.” It is natural in our later years to gear down into a more comfortable mode of church life. Our continual efforts in Highland’s SENIOR MINISTRY center around being all we can be for Christ during those later years. And the fun we all have together is simply a bonus! Our seniors are involved deeply in Highland’s music ministry, regularly touching lives in an incredibly encouraging way. Highland seniors study God’s Word and practice what it instructs by providing meals, visiting people in need, singing in nursing homes, evangelizing the lost, helping local school children and staff, coordinating mission efforts, and actively serving the Lord Jesus as senior adults.


Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry was relaunched in July 2018. We have a Women’s Leadership Team, a core group of women who plan and implement events for the women of Highland Baptist Church.


Our Purpose Statement: The Highland Baptist Church Women's Ministry is established to empower women to fulfill their God-given potential through encouragement, evangelism, spiritual growth, cultivating relationships, community service, and women mentoring women.


Our Mission Statement: The ultimate goal of Highland Baptist Church Women's Ministry is to enrich women's relationship with God, strengthen families, renew communities, and build unity in the church.


Worship Choir Ministry

The HBC WORSHIP CHOIR is one musical component in a fully-graded choir ministry at Highland Baptist. This group ranges in age from young adults through seniors and is primarily charged with providing meaningful worship music for Sunday morning services. There are also seasonal preparations, as well, such as Christmas, Easter, patriotic emphases, etc. The WORSHIP CHOIR at Highland is a “musical family” within the church family. Anyone of any musical skill level who wishes to be a part of this choir is certainly welcome. The art of music is not an end unto itself rather; it is a uniquely expressive medium for gospel presentation that everyone can relate to. Consequently, our WORSHIP CHOIR sings many different styles of music, yet maintains the consistency of scriptural accuracy. The choir practices each Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 pm in the choir rehearsal room.


Evangelism Committee

The Evangelism Committee is designed to promote outreach in Highland Baptist Church. The goal is to originate and support efforts of the church to reach the community of Hickory, state of North Carolina, and utter most parts of the world in order to fulfill the Great Commission and reach as many a possible with the good news of the Gospel. The committee sets goals for national and international mission’s offerings, plans events for the church family to promote mission awareness such as the annual mission banquet, and organizes projects for church participation to reach beyond our community. One of those projects is backpacks for children of the Appalachian Mountains. For this project members of the church family fill backpacks with items for children living in underprivileged situations. These backpacks are taken to one of several outreach events where families are given clothing, food, and other needed supplies. During that event the Creative Ministry Team of Highland presents a Christmas program with the plan of salvation multiple times to attending families, many of whom are not churched. Other projects include food drive for Baptist Children’s’ homes, assistance with soup kitchen, events for Highway and Hedges, and shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee responsibilities are to oversee the church’s finances. We respond to requests for funding to buy items needed that were not in the church budget. We also determined how to pay emergency funding to fix or repair broken equipment. We do this by looking at designated accounts that can be used. As we did earlier this year when with the family’s and church permission we used the money donated to the church by Polly Townsend to update the church. Our other primary function is to compile budget requests from committees and church staff. We review what is requested and the projected church giving to insure we can meet the churches financial obligations. In the two years I have been on the finance committee I’d like to say that the committees have done a great job using the money they ask for in a Godly manner.

At this time the church is debt free with a reasonable bank account. We need to continue to support all aspect of God’s church with our faithful contributions.

Hostess Committee

The job of the Hostess Committee is to keep the church's supply closet well stocked. To keep the kitchen clean, organize, and stock with needed supplies from the supply closet, and to be able to decorate and set up for church events and to clean up fellowship hall and kitchen afterwards. What we need are men and women willing to volunteer, especially for church wide events. Volunteering does not make one a member of the committee.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee’s purpose is to help each church member have the experience of using their gifting though the various committees and classroom teaching positions undergirding Highland’s call to fulfill the Great Commission. The Nominating Committee prayerfully serves to ensure those positions are filled by members of the church. Because this Committee needs a robust knowledge regarding church membership and their gifting to operate successfully, those elected to this committee must be recommended by the Pastor, ministry staff, and the deacon officers as well as approved by the church body.

Personnel Committee

Highland has several committees that were established by written communication in our Church Constitution and By-Laws Booklet. The Personnel Committee is the committee that is charged with all personnel related opportunities that arise in the church. It is a committee that usually has seven members nominated by the Nominating Committee and then openly affirmed by the church body.

Personnel, as well as other committees of the church, function separately and also work closely together when needed to achieve the ministry opportunities of HBC.

Personnel works with Pastoral staff and support staff when needed in any personnel issues. They’re in charge of getting and retaining support staff for the church and then setting salary guidelines for support staff that are hired. Church secretaries, housekeeping, hired nursery workers, and any other support staff to the mission of the church come through Personnel.

Personnel works with Finance to establishing Pastoral packages which consist of pay, housing allowance, annuity, life insurance, and other compensation decisions. Personnel comes up with annual recommendations to finance on staff increases or any changes to staff packages from year to year. The committee deals with all personnel related issues that may arise within the operations or ministry of the church. Personnel draws up documents related to vacation of support staff. The set vacation periods through the Personnel Manual are done through Personnel Committee. Vacation periods for personnel of the church are usually done in conjunction with the Senior Pastor since he oversees the daily operation of the office area. When changes to any package financial, insurance, annuity or otherwise are sought, Personnel is involved to set guidelines on these in conjunctions with Finance Committee.

The Personnel Committee time is minimal in terms of meetings. During the annual budgeting process or when any personnel matter arises, they may need to meet. Budgeting could take several meetings to come up with packages and increases to any staff or support staff and is always done with Finance Committee involvement.

Property Committee

Purpose: To assist the church in matters related to properties administration including the care and maintenance of all property, buildings, or structures.

1. Responsible for the safekeeping, protection, maintenance, and repair of the buildings, properties, operating facilities, and attached equipment including heating, cooling, and lighting.

2. Develop and recommend maintenance policies, schedules, and procedures.
3. Assist church organizations and other committees in responsibility relating to the property.

4. Promote the conservation of energy and other natural resources used in the operating of church facilities.