Faith & Family

Weekly Family Discipleship Videos

"Faith & Family" is a weekly video, led by our Family Ministries Pastor, Ryan Flynt, that is designed to provide you and your family (whatever your family unit looks like) with another opportunity to gather around, study God's Word together, and have spiritual conversations with one another that help all of us, young and old, grow in our faith.

Each "Faith & Family" installment will also include a step-by-step plan on how to implement a few healthy family worship practices in your home, such as discussion questions, talking points, and even a weekly bible verse that your whole family can memorize together.

To gain the absolute most from each of these experiences, we encourage all families to take a look at our "Faith & Family: Best Practices" sheet. It provides a check-list of items to consider before starting each episode. 

Episode Twelve: "D.D.P." - Philippians Four

Episode One: Seek God

Episode Two: God's Goodness

Episode Three: God's Sovereignty

Episode Four: God's Holiness

Episode Five: God's Wisdom

Episode Six: God's Justice

Episode Seven: God's Love

Episode Eight: Daily Discipleship Plans For Families

Episode Nine: "D.D.P." - Philippians One

Episode Ten: "D.D.P." - Philippians Two

Episode Ten: "D.D.P." - Philippians Three